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In 1995, Líderes Campesinas developed a folk art/teaching tool in the form of theatrical presentations (dramas or teatros) to communicate sensitive information in a visual, engaging manner to low-literacy (and Spanish-dominant) Latina farmworker women. These theatrical presentations are scripted and performed by the campesinas themselves and are designed to establish confianza (trust) among the audience in order to later engage them in frank and open dialogue (What is meant by "sensitive information" varies by the issue and/or problem being depicted, but generally it refers to cultural values and beliefs, and behavior patterns detrimental to the quality of life/health of the individual, family, and community). The skits? dialogue reflects the actual vocabulary and idioms of the Latina/o farmworker community, and the topic they are targeting. Similarly, theatrical presentations are frequently used to sensitize service providers (for example, community clinic staff or law enforcement representatives) about the stereotypes, misconceptions, and myths that they may have about working with immigrants.

This method of depicting "real life" experiences through theatrical presentations to raise awareness and provide information is an essential component of the organization?s empowerment, leadership development, and community organizing efforts. It has proven effective for targeting Latina farmworker women with low rates of educational attainment and limited English literacy.