Junta Comunitaria/Community Gathering

Casa de Conchita 99200 Lookout Dr, North Shore

Calidad de Aire (AB 617)
Participe para aprender mas sobre la calidad de aire y oportunidades para reducir la contaminación en el Este del Valle de Coachella.

Vigil Santa Barbara/Vigilia

paseo nuevo 651Paseo Nuevo, Santa Barbara

Community Resource Fair / Feria de Recursos
Vigil/ Vigila

Census Presentation/Theater Oxnard

Art Haycox Elementary 5400 Perkins Road, Oxnard

Please join Lideres Campesinas in collaboration with Southwinds Neighborhood as we present information on the Census. Aside from our typical door to door canvassing and informational tables, thanks to Empower.Vote Lideres Campesinas has taken on a creative approach to Census 2020 outreach in the form of theater performances. Teatro Campesino has made a historical mark in political consciousness since the 60's and has been very effective. We are confident this will be as effective today in sharing the importance of being counted.

Comite de Greenfield Reunion Educativa/Education Meeting

En colaboracion cn CRLA vengan a aprender mas spbre temas muy importantes que afectan nuestras comunidades.
In Collaboration with CRLA come learn more about important issues affecting our communities.