Press Release – Sep 28. 2022

California’s farm workers pick America’s essential produce – unprotected from coronavirus 

Líderes Campesinas is working to arrange for health professionals to train farm workers on keeping themselves safe, a program they hope would be made mandatory in agricultural counties. For now, growers and farm labor contractors are doing it themselves.

Strawberry pickers work their way through a strawberry field in Oxnard, California. Photograph: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

Essential but Exposed


Apr 4, 2020

To make ends meet, she’s gotten creative. When school closures forced her to find alternative childcare for her sons, she couldn’t afford the new expense.What weighs on her is the possibility that she might get sick with COVID-19 and no longer be able to care for her sons. In her free time she volunteers with Lideres Campesinas, ensuring that other farmworkers have access to potentially lifesaving information.

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Ventura County provides farmworkers with information on coronavirus


 Apr 2, 2020

“Right now, what farmworkers are facing, in terms of the coronavirus, is they are not being provided the same human rights as the rest of the citizens of the United States,” said Irene De Barraicua, a spokeswoman for Lideres Campesinas. “One of those is access to health care.”

VENTURA, Calif. — While California is on a statewide lockdown, millions of farmworkers are out in the fields continuing to gather essential food for the public.

Trabajadores del campo continúan laborando durante la emergencia por el coronavirus

Incertidumbre, miedo, falta de información, y el recorte de horas de trabajo son algunas de las cosas que diariamente viven los trabajadores del campo, por lo que una organización brinda ayuda a esta comunidad campesina.

 Migrants are the unsung heroes of the pandemic

“They’re getting paid the same, yet they’re exposing themselves to more dangers,” Irene de Barraicua, spokesperson for Líderes Campesinas, an advocacy organization of Californian female farmworkers, told the Guardian

Agricultural workers harvest celery in Oxnard, Calif., on March 26. (Brent Stirton/AFP/Getty Images)

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